Caleb Israel Wait: Sinner. Saved. Son.
Belief and a failure to Believe.

Tumblr seems to be the place where everyone voices their strongest opinion for something or against something, whether it’s a cause, a passion, or a failure for both. I’m not sure how I feel about that. To be honest it seems a bit superficial. Anyone can sit behind a keyboard and act passionate and smart. But that’s a talk for another time. I don’t post on here much, I have my reasons, but if I may be transparent, it’s mainly because the time I can spend on here I’d rather spend it reading books and exercising. When I’m not with friends, that’s where my free time goes. What I have to say today isn’t profound, it’s not a huge concept or an emotional epiphany. But I believe it’s worth relaying, especially for the young fellas, like myself. Not going to lie, I love being a guy. More so, I love being/continually growing into the role of a man. A real one. You know, that’s responsible and stuff. Who’s "tough for the people he loves, but also tender with the people he loves.”[Driscoll]. It’s weird having a full time job, planning ahead for huge decisions that have to be made, evaluating things in an entirely new way. I think us young guys seem to get to this position, and then freeze. Most of us are completely clueless at what to do with the new responsibility and the liberty that we’ve graciously been given. So when we’re asked about what we’re doing in life, our answer defaults to, “I’m not sure”, “I’m waiting for a clearer direction”, “Well I really desire such and such a thing, and want such and such a thing, but I’m waiting for the Lord to do and show me a thing so I can go get that thing.”

In this situation, there are two kinds of men:

1. The man who is vigilant in the word, who viciously lives out the gospel and who voluminously gives grace towards others. When He reads a verse like, “Wait upon the Lord”[Isaiah 40:31] and, “No ear has heard, no eye has seen a God besides you who works for those who wait on Him.”[Isaiah 64:4] They see it as an opportunity to let their hearts and desires be known, to seek after those desires, trusting that God will be faithful to open doors or to close them, and in the mean time, obey the Lord’s Will by living out the Gospel. Now. Not later, not then, not soon. Now.

2. Then there’s the coward that sits. He waits for things to be given to him and thinks about them, but never acts. He prays for things to happen for him, or to be taken away from him and has no understanding of God being glorified in and out of his circumstances. The scenario that is most common in this situation is with women. A lot of guys would rather just sit and talk to a girl for a long period of time, and then hopefully end up in a relationship. “Hopefully one day it’ll…just happen.” That is no where in the Bible. Guys also never say that about anything else in life. “Lord, please, give me some food. I’m waiting patiently. Make this happen.” No guy says that, he gets up and goes to the kitchen and gets some darn food. The end. Biblically, the man always saw something, decided if he wanted it or not, and if he did, he pursued it. If we are “More than conquerors,” if we are sons and daughters of the living God, who not only forgave us our sins by his sacrifice on the cross, but propitiated his righteousness to us, than we should live like we believe that. Like it’s real.

oh, and p.s. it is real.

Stay close to the Lord.

Know what you want,

and pursue it.

-by His Grace and for His glory.

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